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My practice –

When feeling better starts in the waiting room.

Welcome to my practice!

During my studies, it was always my goal to become self-employed. And it was clear to me that my practice should be a place where my patients are warmly welcomed as soon as they walk through the door. My patients should feel understood on a human and medical level in a pleasant atmosphere, so that they can talk confidently about their complaints and needs, about what the next approaches in the therapy concept should be.

You can feel at home here

Those who know me well say that the practice is an extension of my living room. I furnished the practice completely myself. I'm present for 10 hours a day – and of course I want an environment that I like myself.

I love decorating and playing with colors, aesthetics play a big role in my life. I simply love beautiful things. The furniture is classic white because I find white very appealing and it symbolizes clarity and purity. And in Chinese philosophy, it also stands for good luck.

Waiting times and appointments

Some patients have actually said to me: "Oh my God, Dr. Sacherer, that was so nice in the waiting room, we have such a good coffee and can't really enjoy it because you're always so punctual!"

But I attach great importance to keeping my appointments and using them as efficiently as possible in the interests of my patients.

I can also promise you one thing: I will take all the time it takes to treat you as optimally as possible.

If you would like to visit my practice (even if it's just for an initial chat over a coffee), I would be delighted to welcome you to my practice in Zurich soon!

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